Funchal Post

Dearest friends, we believe there just might be a few more Fun amazing facts about Portugal to say before we drift away into completely different subjects on tourism and life and others. So, here are some more proofs that our favorite Mediterranean (actually, Atlantic) country is a realm of beauty, mystery and wonder.

  1. Bacalhau (codfish) is sort of a… national Portuguese dish. It’s both the name of the actual fish and that of the respective foods. And there appear to be over 1000 different recipes. As any country bordered by the sea, fishing is a part of the secret – and disclosed – life of the place. Portugal also exports a lot of fish and seafood.
  2. More than half of the “New World” used to belong to Portugal. That is because the Great Age of Exploring was mostly dominated by explorers from Portugal (such as Christopher Columbus, Pedro Alvares Cabra, Ferdinand Magellan, and Vasco da Gama.
  3. The Portuguese, noble as ever: even in the old days. In 1761, Portugal became the first Colonial Empire to abolish slavery.
  4. Fado is the national music of Portugal, its melancholy rhythms and somewhat whining voice remembering of ages long lost, when the country was prouder, perhaps, than it is today. You may or may not be surprised to know that Fado is also part of the UNESCO World Intangible Heritage.
  5. Portugal is one of the most famous surfing sites. The town of Nazare was reported to witness the largest surf wave in the world, measuring some 30 meters in height. So if you want to practice water sports, Portugal is the place for you!
  6. Do you like omelet? Prepare for the largest one in the world if you twist the hand of people in Santarem! In 2012, 50 local cooks baked the largest omelet in the world. It weighed 6.5 tons!
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