5 places to see in Madeira

Situated in the north of the Atlantic Ocean, the island of Madeira is rejoying a lot of fame from the tourists around the world and its inhabitants as well, being known and praised for its excellent wine, wonderful gastronomy and astonishing landscapes.

If you are looking for wonderful views in an absolutely picturesque atmosphere, you cannot miss the Old Town of Funchal, which has so many things to offer. From the narrow charming streets and old houses, with an incredible architectural style and value to local restaurants and bars, a walk in this amazing place will be more than revitalizing. The aura of this place which preserves the touch of the past that harmoniously blends with the magic of the present can be seen with your heart’s eyes.

If you feel like having an adventure, you can find Monte Cable Car the perfect way to explore the surroundings and to have gorgeous views while taking the cable car from Funchal Old Town to Monte. The trip is definitely worthy and the feeling of being above the world is wildly beautiful. Once in Monte, you have several options, including visiting the Monte Palace Tropical Garden.

The Tropical Garden of Monte Palace is a magnificent nature corner, located at Quinta Monte Palace, where exotic plant collections and beautiful birds species can be admired. The splendid mansion, the pond and the little waterfall from the scenery adorned with the lush vegetation and rare birds transform the place in a fairytale castle with charming landscapes.

You can have a tasteful time while visiting The Old Blandy Wine Lodge, where you can not only learn about the making of the Madeira Wine, but you can also taste various styles of Vinho Madeira. You definitely won’t regret it!

You can spend the rest of the day at Camara de Lobos, a small and picturesque village located in the southern part of the island, where you will discover a ravashing beautiful historic centre, adorned with a multitude of colorful fishing boats and old giant cliffs, one of the tallest ones in Europe, Cabo Girao.

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