Discover Madeira’s secret treasures!

Welcome to the beautiful Madeira, one of the most wonderful dreams on earth!
The island of Madeira is one of the most beautiful places in Europe, a destination full of attractions, especially beautiful hiking trails and breathtaking viewpoints. It also has an interesting history, beautiful street art and offers a wide range of outdoor activities.

Enjoy every miradouro you will encounter on the way!
The best way to discover Madeira is by car, always counting on Funchal Car Hire, which provide a wide range of cars perfectly suitable for Madeira’s landforms. Madeira offers places with breathtaking views all over the island. Discover the charm of the Portuguese miradouro, an observation deck, as there are plenty of marked signs leading to different observation decks. Visiting one of these panoramic viewpoints is inspiring and relaxing, the ideal way to spend your holidays and to live to the fullest this neverending dream! From these locations, you can admire the island’s highest peaks, the glitter of the sea, or streams that meander through flower-covered valleys. It is worth checking out every viewpoint, as it will definitely win your heart! Cabo Girão, Pico dos Barcelos, Ponta do Rosto, Pico do Areeiro and Eira do Serrado are just a few viewpoints amongst you can allow yourself to relax and admire the nature’s beauties and treasures.

Enjoy the cable cars
There are several cable cars in Madeira. The Funchal cable car travels from the old part of Funchal to Monte (560 meters of altitude). This cable car will allow you to enjoy the blue skies and the gorgeous surrounding scenery.
The Botanical Garden Cable Car is the ideal choice if you plan to visit both the Botanical Gardens and Monte the same day. The fascinating aerial views over the Ribeira of João Gomes Valley, with lush green and waterways will definitely win your heart!
The Garajau cable car is located next to the statue of Christ. It is one of the most popular places to capture the magic of the unique sunset. The geological diversity, emphasized in Ponta do Garajau coast, next to the beach, offers breathtaking views of the sea and Funchal’s bay.

Swim in a lava pool
Porto Moniz, a very charming little town, is one of the oldest communas of the northern coast of the island, which gained popularity due to its magnificent natural swimming pools. It is believed that the name Porto Moniz is connected to Francisco Moniz, one of the first settlers and husband of one of the grand daughters of Gonçalves Zarco, who discovered the island.
The whole archipelago is of a volcanic origin, therefore these natural pools are quite common among such islands. The volcanic pools built by nature are Madeira-specific bathing spots.
The most famous volcanic pools are the pools from Porto Moniz. Funchal also has its own pool complex called Doca do Cavacas, a bit smaller, but which offers a magnificent view of the Cabo Girão cliff.
This swimming pool was formed over thousands of years, through the cooling of volcanic lava and it’s rich in crystal clear water and filled with earth energy. The landscape surrounding the pools is unique due to the famous panoramic view, which won’t be so easily forgotten by those who choose to visit and enjoy this unique corner of paradise.
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Enjoy the most beautiful moments with your family and friends in the mesmerizing sunny Madeira, for amazing and unforgettable adventures and memories!