Top 5 most beautiful places from Madeira!

Representing one of Portugal’s main attractions, Madeira island is the ideal place to spend a wonderful time with your family and friends, where the summer is always young, the warm sea awaits with its dazzling crystal clear water and the amazing atmosphere is inviting you to meet the lovely people and places from Madeira.

Achadas da Cruz cable car
Enjoy a spectacular trip with one of the most popular cable cars, the Achadas da Cruz cable car, which will offer an unforgettable ride from a huge cliff to an incredibly unique spot on Madeira, which is the traditional village of Fajá da Quebrada Nova.
The journey is beyond intense and interesting, actually perfect for those seeking for adventurous crazy moments and of course adrenaline.
Enjoy the breathtaking views over the lush green of Porto Moniz from the cabin of the Achadas da Cruz cable car!

Praia Ilheus Ribeira da Janela
The Ilheus da Ribeira da Janela rocks are located on the North Western part of Madeira Island in between Seixal and Porto Moniz.
Hidden behind two unique rock formations, this incredibly beautiful coastal place is truly a blue corner of paradise.
Visitors can watch the sunrise over the ocean from the beach while observing thousands of swallows as they circle the peculiarly shaped rocks. It’s one of the most unique places to visit in Madeira.

Seixal Beach
Seixal beach is another beautiful location, not to be missed, less off-the beaten path than other destinations and it’s home to natural pools (including a magnificent lava arch) and a black sand beach at the foot of the lush cliffs. Most of the beaches from Madeira are covered in volcanic stones and pebbles, but Seixal is one of a kind, due to its unique sandy beach with impressive green cliffs, a marvelous waterfall in the distance pouring into the ocean, and the soft black sand.
It’s the perfect place for photographers to immortalize its rare beauty and breathtaking views, which you can’t get enough of.

Calhau da Lapa
This absolute piece of green and blue heaven, surrounded by crystal clear waters, volcanic cliffs and infinite dreaming views might make you think you ended up in an incredible fairy-tale.
The magical touch of this amazing location is represented by the fishermen’ cave-houses inside those colorful cliffs.This small houses (some are carved in the rock) and beach shacks once kept the fishermen’s tools and nets safe. Fathers passed them on to their sons verbally: no papers, no official registration. Officially they belong to nobody.

Pico Ruivo
You definitely cannot miss an incredible journey and the enchanting landscapes while making your way till Pico Ruivo, Madeira’s highest peak. With 1862 meters above sea level, the panoramic views from Pico Ruivo summit are a must see in Madeira.
For outdoors activities lovers, this hiking adventure and nature celebration is the perfect opportunity to combine more passions and hobbies, to enjoy one of the most special sunsets and sunrises and the perfect way to relax and to have the best time of your lifetime.

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